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The new DeFi concept for the Prediction Market

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Base Concept star

The Price Of Polar Tokens Depends On The Results Of Specific External Events

$45 $46 $47 $48 $49 $51 $52 $53 $54 $55 > $55 $54 $53 $52 $51 $49 $48 $47 $46 $45

White Token

If The White Team Wins, Then The Price Of The WHITE Token Will Rise, And The Price Of The BLACK Token Will Fall By The Same Amount


Black Token

If The Black Team Wins, Then The Price Of The BLACK Token Will Rise, And The Price Of The WHITE Token Will Fall By The Same Amount.

BLACK & WHITE aggregate price will remain stable


Predict And Earn

Make Predictions And Earn On The Change In The Price Of Polar Tokens After The End Of Each Event.

The Main Advantage Of The Polars

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    Low Liquidity

    The Main Problem Of Prediction Market Is The Problem Of Low Liquidity. Users Do Not Buy Illiquid Forecast Markets, And Liquidity Providers Do Not Supply Liquidity To Unpopular Markets.

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    Concentrated Liquidity

    Polars Solved The Problem Of Low Liquidity. At One Point In Time, On The Polars Platform, Within One Pair Of Polar Tokens, The Interests Of Liquidity Providers, Betters, Traders, Arbitrageurs And Holders Are Connected. This Creates Concentrated Liquidity And Impressive Trading Volume That Is Independent Of The Popularity Of Events.

Business Model star

Swap Fees On The Polars Platform Divided Into 4 Streams

Liquidity Providers 40%

Deliver Liquidity To Polars Pools And Get 40% Of User Fees + Farm APY.

Base Pool 5%

The Total Value Of Polar Tokens Is Constantly Increasing Due To Constantly Increasing Collateral.

Buy Back And Burn 25%

We Constantly Buy POL Tokens From The Market And Destroy Them By Sending Them To Zero Address

Advanced Users 30%

We Buy POL From The Market And Distribute These Tokens Among Advanced Platform Users Who Put Their Pols In The Staking Smart Contract

Polars Feature

Pol Token star

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    Governance Tools Of Polars DAO And Users Votings

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    Create Your Own Polar Tokens

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    Use POL As The Base Collateral Asset

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    Get Rewards And Farming Distributions In POL

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    30% Of Platform Fees Used In POL Buyback And Distribute Bought Tokens Bitween Advanced Users

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    25% Of Platform Fees Used In Buyback And Burn

+ Referral Program

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Trading Competition With $300K+ Prize Pool & Airdrop!


Big Trading Competition

Prize Pool $300K + Airdrop

In Honor Of The Launch Of The Main Polars Network, We Are Launching A Grand Trading Competition On The Testnet With A Prize Pool Of $300K+. Each Participant In The Trading Competition Will Receive Airdrop, And The Top100 Traders Will Share The Main Sponsorship Prizes. Participation In The Testnet Is Completely Free


Mainnet Is Live

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