The new DeFi concept for the Prediction Market
The new DeFi platform for creating secure polar tokens, the price of which depends on the results of specific external events. Within the POLARS platform, users can buy, sell and exchange polar tokens, as well as participate in the distribution of the platform's commission income. The first polar token pair available for trading on the POLARS platform are the BLACK and WHITE polar tokens.
Base Concept
The price of polar tokens depends on the results of specific external events
If the White Team wins, then the price of the WHITE token will rise, and the price of the BLACK token will fall by the same amount.
Polar Tokens
If the Black Team wins, then the price of the BLACK token will rise, and the price of the WHITE token will fall by the same amount.
WHITE token
BLACK token
BLACK & WHITE aggregate price will remain stable
Make predictions and earn on the change in the price of polar tokens after the end of each event.
  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Swap
  • Add
  • Remove
  • Vote
  • Stake
  • Create
  • Hold
  • Polar tokens price change
  • Liquidity Provider Fees
  • POL Fees Rewards
  • Farming
Choose your
  • Liquidity Provider
  • Trader, Bettor
  • Arbitrator
  • Market Creator
  • POL Holder
Choose your
Choose your
White Team
Black Team
Multichain Platform Development
Clear horizons, access limitless cross-chain liquidity. Fast transactions, low fees, growing community. Coming soon.
Coming soon
The classic traditional implementation of the reliable Defi protocol. Suitable for those users for whom tradition is more important and they are willing to put up with high network fees. Available.
Available now
Implementation of the main POLARS protocol within the BSC network for users who care about their money. High transaction speed, low fees, growing liquidity and trading volume. Ideal for today's POLARS users. Available.
Available now
Polars Features
Arbitration opportunities
Arbitration opportunities
In the trading pool and other third-party pools, the price of polar tokens is determined by market mechanisms. In a unique Secondary Pool, the price is fixed and depends on the results of specific events. After each event, the price of polar tokens in all trading pools comes in line with the fixed price of the Secondary Pool, creating permanent arbitrage opportunities.
Simple APP
Simple APP
Simple and familiar application interfaces that have a lot in common with Uniswap interfaces. Everything is intuitive. Buy, Sell, Add, Remove. Stake, Closed Eyes Claim.
Gamified Process
Gamified Process
Polar tokens imply opposing teams and a constant competitive spirit. NFT technology and voting will add a thrill to the experience. Choose your favorite team and grow your capital.
Real-World Events
Real-World Events
The win or loss of one of the teams is influenced by the results of events from the real world. Online sports events, politics and exchange rates. Place your bets on those events in which you understand.
Cumulative Price Impact
Cumulative Price Impact
The standard volatility of polar tokens is 5% within a single event. Users can change volatility by voting. Each new event takes the final price of polar tokens from the previous event and uses it as the initial one, which has a cumulative effect on the price of a particular token from event to event.
Ideal token volatility
Ideal token volatility
Every day, within the framework of specific polar tokens, from 5 to 15 events occur on the platform, which will allow changing the price of polar tokens up to 15 times a day. You know the time of price change, you know the amount of volatility, it remains to make a forecast and take the right actions.
No slippage Pool
No slippage Pool
Polars Protocol stands out for having a unique trading pool of liquidity for polar tokens (Secondary Pool). In this pool, users can buy polar tokens at fixed current spot prices without slippage.
No LP Risks
No LP Risks
Under the Polars Protocol, the aggregate price of two polar tokens never decreases. Liquidity Providers that place liquidity of polar tokens in the Secondary Pool (No slippage pool) have no IL risks.
Governance Tools
Governance Tools
Influence the governance of the Polars Platform by voting with the governance token POL. Get POL through platform activities. Trade, Provide Liquidity, Vote.
Revenue share
Revenue share
30% of all commission on the Polars Platform is distributed among Advanced Users. 20% of all commission goes to the Base Pool to increase the aggregate price of polar tokens. 50% of all commission is distributed among themselves by the Liquidity Providers.
  • Development of the concept of polar tokens
  • Strategic planning
  • Start of architecture smart contracts development
  • Development of a mathematical model of the Basic and Secondary pools
  • Development of the concept of Governance, Voting, Farming, Staking within the Polars platform
  • Completion of the smart contract architecture development
  • POL tokenomics development
  • Seed Investment Round
  • Start smart-contract development (Base Pool, Secondary Pool, Event Lifecycle)
  • Start WhitePaper Creation
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Start smart-contract development (Trade Pool, Farming)
  • Smart-contract development ended (Base Pool, Secondary Pool, Event Lifecycle)
  • Start web interface integration
  • White Paper Creation Ended
  • Start smart-contract development (Staking, Governance, Votings)
  • Smart-contract development ended (Trade Pool, Farming)
  • Start Website and Video creation
  • Private Sale
  • Open whitelist for testers
  • Smart-contract development ended (Staking)
  • An initial audit of smart contracts
  • Launch MVP on Rinkeby Ethereum testnet and on Binance Smart Chain testnet. Starting community testing.
  • Smart-contract development ended (Staking, Governance, Voting)
  • Start Public Sale, Phase 2 (LBP), Phase 3 (Uniswap)
  • Launch Pool Liquidity Farming Programm and listing on Exchanges
  • Start smart-contract development (NFT, Polars Creator, Trade Order Book)
  • Launch MVP on mainnet (Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain)
  • Events Livestreams integration
  • Full audit of all Polars smart contracts
  • Polars Creator testing
  • Polkadot integration
  • Polars re-design platform
Liquidity distribution program launched
May /2021
  • 34,165,000 POL
  • 1 POL = from $0.15 to $0.25
  • Only for Testers
May /2021
  • 1,500,000 POL
  • 1 POL = $0.2
  • A2DAO, MantraDAO, TBA
May /2021
  • 1,000,000 POL
  • 1 POL = $0.2
  • TBA
May /2021
  • 5,750,616 POL
  • Add liquidity [Uniswap and Pancake swap]
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